The Workplace Culture Improvement System (WCI System™)

Everyone deserves to work in a safe and supportive environment where all can thrive without fear of bullying and harassment.

Our Mission:

To empower organisations to create and maintain a workplace where their people can thrive, be supported and work collectively to sustain a healthy culture.

That’s why we created the WCI System™ - a

7-step system (approach? roadmap?) for organisations to follow.

How the WCI™ System works

A Risk based, Practical, Measurable and Focused approach to improving workplace behaviours in 7 key steps:

Identifying the risk:

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You can’t manage what you haven’t measured. So, in this step we identify and measure key workplace risks using our WCI Pulse Check.

Step 1

The employee Pulse Check

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Understand what’s working and what’s not when it comes to building a safe people culture in the workplace and learn what you can do to immediately improve.

Step 2

The Tailored Report

Mitigating the risk:

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Ensure your people have the right baseline knowledge through online training via a trackable course with a completion status report.

Step 3

Online learning

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Develop your people’s skills to prevent bullying and harassment through a 2-hour facilitated workshop.

Step 4

Facilitated training

Ongoing management of the risk:

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Re-run the ’Pulse Check’ from step 1 to monitor the results and impact.

Step 5


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Empower your people and your organisation to carry out refresher training with ‘train the trainer’ materials

Step 6

The Empowered Employer

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Continue to reinforce the message through themed collateral within the workplace.

Step 7

Ongoing collateral

How long does the WCI™ System take?

You might be thinking right now “well, how long will this take - 6 to 12 months?”. In our experience it certainly could!

However, we wanted to help organisations do better faster, and that’s why we’ve taken our 50 years of collective experience, research, and tried and tested initiatives to create the WCI™ System.

The WCI™ System takes as little as 1 month to identify and begin managing any issues

The fundamental premise of this system is our belief that:

  • ‘Now’ is better than perfect; and,

  • ‘Done’ is better than late or never!

Our commitment to you is simple:

Immediate identification and practical management of the risks: We can begin to improve your workplace culture in less than a month by working with you through steps 1 to 4.

Checking what works: At the end of month 1, we will run another pulse check to see how your organisation is tracking (step 5) and provide you with the results. If there is not at least a 50% improvement in key areas, we will run the program again at no cost in 3 months’ time.

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Ongoing improvement: We will provide you with targeted collateral for you to use through all areas of your organisation and employee lifecycle.

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