The five rules to follow to make face-to-face or webinar training compelling

Curiosity saved the workplace training:

Story telling can take many forms. Short videos, micro-learning and animations are brilliant for teaching employees consistently and efficiently. But when it comes to changing behaviours quickly and giving people a chance to debate and ask questions, there is no substitute for webinar or face-to-face training.

So here are my 5 rules:

Number 1: Be curious

We are already naturally curious people. Do we not do this at parties, at dinner, with new people with current friends? Do we not ask them about their day, week, meeting, family? It’s so obvious, yet many people fall into the trap of training through telling and not asking. So before you start with what you want to say, ask people about what themselves:

· What do you do in your job? What do you do outside of work?

· OK, but what do you really do?

· What do the people in your environment do?

· What do you like, don’t like? What are you worried about?

· What matters to you? What’s great?

· Who can you rely on? Who relies on you?

· Tell me more…

These questions will form the basis of your entire training. From this point on every single thing you do or say in the training, it will relate to the participants.

Rule number 2: keep them curious

Again, this is a rule that we know through our everyday lives, through film, cinema, advertising, dating, travel and sometimes even going to work. What keeps people stimulated? The art of surprise, uncertainty, rabbit out of hat. Do the unexpected, be the unexpected. Prepare, but be fluid.

When people are surprised they concentrate, they analyse and, most importantly, they learn.

Rule number 3: document their curiosity

If you have successfully engaged with your audience, been curious and kept them curious, take evidence. Document your successful training with photos or even videos (obviously get permission!). This will help you carry out rule number 4 (see below). It will also be brilliant material to work from for future training sessions.

Rule number 4: maintain a relationship

You have just had an avid audience so don’t lose touch. Most learning happens after processing. So find a way to circle back to the participants after the training seeking feedback and also reminding them of key messages or concepts. For the participants you are now a trusted source of information.

The easiest thing to do to re-engage with your audience is to simply send them a PowerPoint presentation documenting the train. But, if you really want to get that gold star and retain participants’ interest, send them a short video or animation which explains the key concepts.

This is a great weapon to have in your armory as both follow up after the training and also for explaining and solidifying concepts during training.

Rule number 5: Finally, enjoy every moment.

You have an audience. Perform, inspire and be curious. If you are in need of an idea, concept or inspiration for a workplace training situation, just send me an email. I will come up with a creative way for you to deliver curiosity and surprise your audience into learning:

Additionally, why not attend my training hacks session which you can find at

Nicole Rose, CEO Create Training, artist, lawyer, storyteller

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