Compliance and Legal Training for Professionals 

Merging Compliance, Risk, Law and behaviours

Create Training specialises in designing and delivering Compliance and Legal training with a strong emphasis on the behaviours, habits and values that align to an organisation and its people. 

In order to provide a diverse and informative training program, we have partnered with leading minds in HR, Compliance, Risk and Legal to provide flexible, informative and useful training on a range of risk-based topics. 

  • For all Australian professionals, CPD points are available for sessions that are 1 hour long and greater.

  • For all attendees, completion certificates are provided. 


All of our training has 3 components:


  • Pre-training: Complimentary e-learning modules that you can access on our online learning platform. This provides learners with the basics of each topic so we can dig deeper into the content in the virtual sessions. 

  • Virtual interactive zoom sessions.  At one hour long and with CPD points and post training certificates provided for these sessions, we will provide you with a takeaway PDF together which will outline the key issues discussed and any questions and answers throughout the session, along with a post training certificate.

  • Recording of each virtual sessions. This includes questions from your session, as well as additional common questions raised, and downloadable pdfs accessible through our online learning platform. CPD points and completion certificates are available for each of these sessions once the learner has completed the course. Alternatively, this can just be used as a reminder of the virtual interactive session once a learner has completed this. 

 All of our courses are designed by our instructional designers specialising in e-learning, ensuring that each learner has the most effective, informative and enjoyable learning experience possible.

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Creating safe spaces through boundaries and controls

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Anti-bullying and harassment training

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