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Protect your business from fines, criminal activities and reputational loss.

As a lawyer for 20 years, I’ve seen how employees’ misunderstanding of compliance can cause disruption and loss for companies. It’s not just the financial penalties and legal fees that companies have to contend with; it’s the lost management time, the loss of clients and employees plus the emotional distress for all concerned. It’s often so serious that companies take years to recover.

Criminal activities, liability and exposure to risks come about from the people who work with you; often through mistakes but sometimes through intentional harm. That’s why I developed the 4 stages of training services so protect your company’s assets and reputation.

Nicole, CEO Create Training

There are 4 ways we can work with you:

1. We provide you with instant access to compliance training.

Your learners can get instant access to our database of 40 compliance videos. Click here for access. [Click here for more information.]

More information: These are all tested by learners around the world and can be translated into any language. With prices from as little as $10 per employee for full access to our compliance videos, it is a quality and price that makes a lot of sense.

2. We work with you to produce custom made training

We will work with you to make training specific for your organization using our Create Production Process [click here for more information]


More information: We work closely with you at all stages of the process to ensure that we make you the training you need. The process is also a lot of fun. Essentially you get to direct your own movie, which we will produce for you. We will involve you in and seek feedback from you on:

  • The lesson plan of key messages and learning outcomes
  • The script and design
  • The storyboards
  • The draft animation with draft voiceover, music and sound effects

We will then produce the final animation with professional voiceover.

3. We provide you with face-to-face training

We produce face-to-face compliance training materials, deliver face-to-face training and train the trainer training. [click here for more information]

More information: Our trainers have worked with learners all around the world delivering face-to-face training on

  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Fraud
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Antitrust
  • Insider trading
  • AML
  • Conduct Risk
  • Data Privacy
  • Ethical leadership

4. We train you

You may be a lawyer or compliance manager who wants to learn effective presentation skills and ways to engage your people. Or you may be a trainer who is new to the world of compliance. We coach and mentor you to present and produce effective, brilliant training that works.

Click here for testimonials.

Other Services


We promote you

Are you an expert in compliance and want to market your professional services in a unique way? We produce animated training that speaks about your role in the compliance industry. We also put as much time and effort in marketing your training as we do in producing the training. Contact Nicole to find out more.


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