Improve your people’s compliance appetite! Want to provide compelling, short, effective compliance training that protects your business from compliance risks in a fraction of the time of traditional E-Learning?

Nicole has been working as a lawyer and specialist in compliance for over 20 years and is one of the most talked about innovators in the field of compliance training. Her training has been featured in Forbes and she is a regular contributor to leading compliance publications. Her training is seen by hundreds of thousands of learners in leading organizations around the world, including LinkedIn, Rio Tinto, Microsoft, Rolls Royce, Wesfarmers, The City of London Police and many more.

This FREE 30-page book, COMPLIANCE WITH ATTITUDE, reveals the techniques needed to engage your employees to be compliance champions and protect your business from fines, criminal activities and reputational loss. Including:

  • Discover how to train your people in a fraction of the time of standard compliance training. 5 minutes is all you need!

  •  Training must be remembered – otherwise it’s a waste of everyone’s time! Learn the 5-part process I use with all my clients to ensure your learners remember your training.

  • Discover how to put the right messages in your people’s information bank account. Learn the power of chunking and 3 to 5 to give people messages that they can understand, remember and use to protect your business.

What Others are Saying…

Richard Bistrong, CEO, Anti-Bribery LLC

“Nicole’s training library activates our own moral code, by elevating and bringing to life our own behavioral assets. Nicole, through her own practice, appreciates how people are at the front-lines of risk, and if they can be tipped to the right side of ethical conduct, then in turn, they become true compliance ambassadors, protecting the organizations to which they belong. It’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone.”

Richard Bistrong, CEO, Anti-Bribery LLC



murray sized-01Nicole brings a refreshing, engaging approach to Compliance communication, which is what is needed in so many organisations. When we worked together on the animation workshops for a multi-national company in France, Nicole led three dynamic sessions which brought great – and surprising – creativity from the participants. The result was renewed levels of positive energy and intellectual curiosity for ethics and compliance in practice. I can highly recommend!

Murray Grainger, Impact on Integrity, ICA Regional Representative in Spain, IESE Global EMBA


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