Expert Corner: An Interview with Tom Brown at Kaizen Part 1

Tom Brown provides a rare insight into the challenges, expertise and myriad of skills needed to establish a new compliance business and unequivocally develop a reputation as a business owner rather than industry expert. Tom also elucidates on the level of analysis, experience and individualism that enabled he and his team to build a solid and impressive client base in just 18 months by their ability to predict trends, analyse information and identify risk typologies.

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Tennis Integrity

In my recent article in the FCPA Blog, I looked at the data produced to indicate tennis match fixing. Data alone is not conclusive but it is indicative of a wider problem. So I am delighted that the Tennis Integrity Board has announced that it is going to do all they...

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Going on an ‘average diet’ to create memorable training

The learning experience is the most important factor in training. If you can focus on how to present your messages so that the learner will understand, remember and discuss them after the training, then you have created successful training. Here are some techniques that will enable you to do ‘think outside the box’ and create brilliant workplace training.

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Justification Island: the place good people go to do bad things

Welcome to Justification Island. The place where we go to justify everything we do. Yes. You heard me. We all do it and we do it with everything: I was just checking my emails quickly I was just having a taste It was just one text I was just following orders Whatever...

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Not so Titanic Leadership

Reputation. Most of us hold our reputation in high regard, and close to our chest so that it can’t be damaged. We all know the impact a ‘bad reputation’ can have on our lives – loss of friends, loss of work, loss of trust and loss of respect just to name a few. So if...

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Ignorance in the Workplace

I read a friend’s newsletter recently. To give a bit of backstory, my friend is an Asian-American, and his perspective on what he refers to as “elegant racism” is interesting as well as quite spot on. To summarise, he’s referring to the experience of subtle or...

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Leading by Example: Packer vs. Gyngell

"..And in the red corner we have the fisty cuffs of James Packer, Chairman of Crown Casino and Channel 10 Chief Executive. In the blue corner we have hot headed David Gyngell. After a tough battle, we will have to leave it to the NSW Police to deliberate the verdict....

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Alive Inside

How tapping into what interests your audience and makes them feel alive can have unbelievable results when you train them on any topic   The video that is life changing As someone who does not believe in delivering messages that are over 3 minutes long, I do not often...

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