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Compliance training is traditionally seen as long, boring and something people ‘have to do’. We wanted to change that because we know that compliance is anything but boring.  Without a proper compliance program businesses would not have a license to operate.

For a compliance culture to exist, we know that it needs to be an integral part of people’s roles. In order to do this, compliance ‘duties’ such as training must be viewed as efficient, effective, valuable and have a return on investment.

Efficient: We have developed a highly powerful, result driven, innovative new way of training people online. This has been developed with the benefit of leading neuroscience principles, pioneering training techniques and specialists in all areas of compliance.

Effective: We train people in a way that is unique, engaging and refreshing. We have had over 100,000 employees carry out our training and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

Valuable: Our vision is to train people on all compliance related topics in the most effective way, in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of resources.

Return on investment: We also believe that our training should have more than one use. We don’t just train on compliance; we train on behaviors, vision, values and principles of business.


About Nicole

I am a rare blend of lawyer, artist and trainer. I took the phrase ‘a picture says a thousand words and combined my 20 years of experience as a lawyer and trainer with my love of art and illustration. Together with my team of illustrators and animators, we produce engaging, relevant compliance training videos that connect with learners whilst protecting the business.

I also have a great passion for delivering training and training others to do so. I have worked in Asia, America, Spain, Australia and the UK on all aspects of compliance related training. I also regularly run training workshops on the unique methods I use in my training in which participants learn how to produce their own great training.

I am also an avid writer and write articles and thought leadership pieces that blend my passion for neuroscience, behaviours and creativity with law and compliance. I regularly write for leading compliance publications such as The FCPA Blog, the SCCE and Ethics Intelligence and of course, our very own Ethics Corner.

You can contact me at nicolerose@createtraining.com.au

I look forward to working with you

Nicole, CEO Create Training


CEO, Lawyer, Compliance Specialist


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